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All types of freelance artwork for over 25 years. From small graphic art projects to fine art on giant murals. I've also painted, designed/built sets for several local plays. I've flown to Florida and Vermont to run a set painting workshop.

I live in Sacramento, California.


AA American River College, advertising and art.

BA San Jose State University, advertising, drama minor.


Fliers, signs, cartoons, portraits, faux finishes and dozens of murals. For businesses, private homes, theaters, schools and churches.

Since 1981 occasional work in the local video business. Painting backdrops, building props as well as a little writing and producing of commercials, industrial videos and local TV shows.

20 years experience of being a live-in estate caretaker/petsitter. As a live-in handyman I was forced to learn landscaping and remodeling. I'm a fair carpenter, and I've tackled a few elaborate tile and brick laying jobs.


I like the challenge of livening up a space by painting a mural on thin, easy-to-install panels. Such as a large trompe l'oeil window with a colorful landscape to cover a boring wall in a home or office.

Or if you have a drab view of a too-close fence outside your side windows, I could paint exotic flowers and plants climbing a copper trellis. I like to camouflage unsightly things where landscaping may not be possible: air conditioners, utility boxes, garbage cans, garages on zero lot lines etc.


I've written and produced five local plays. The fourth production of my play"The Magic Book" was March 2008 in Carthage, Missouri. The second production of my play "Four Days After Titanic" was produced in Plymouth England in July 2007. My other produced plays are a children's musical sponsored by University of the Pacific, which was revived fall of 2006 at a middle school in Massachusetts. I've also had a different kid's play produced in Florida and Vermont. And two plays for high schoolers; one in South Dakota, the other in South Africa, near Cape Town.




* Robots sculptures: I've cut back on painting to build nonworking display robots from found objects. *Click here to see them*

* Trompe l'oeil life-size cut outs of people painted on thin plywood that can be attached to walls with surfaces too uneven to paint on.

* In addition to the Wizard of Oz murals,a 50 foot long and ten foot high mural inspired by the landscapes in the movie Shrek inside a children's dental office in Roseville, CA. *Click here to see it*

* A how-to-paint segment for the Home and Garden Channel's "Gardening by the Yard." Has aired at least four times.

(Click here to see air dates, then click on "Faux Garden Trellis" to see still photos.)

* Backyard mural, featured in article and photo in Sacramento Bee

* Refinished statue and marble faux for Joyce Teal, owner of Raley's.

* Architectural line drawing for logo of Noack & Dean Insurance.

* Faux granite switch plates and other faux for Arden Hills Country Club.

Email: pauls@paulsrobots.com or call (916) 487-0334