I live in Sacramento, California (an hour and a half from San Francisco.) I make my living as a freelance artist.

I've always done artwork on the side for fun and extra money, but for several years now I've made my living doing artwork. (I was featured in the local paper and did a "how-to" paint garden murals segment for an episode of "Gardening by the Yard" on The Home and Garden channel.) However lately I have found myself building and selling robot scluptures.
See link to robot photos website.

I've had 14 productions of six of my plays. Two of them are children's shows. My kid's show "Olympus House" was produced for the third time in March 2009. My other kid's show "The Magic Book" was produced for the fourth time March 2008 in Carthage, Missouri. It has been produced in California, Florida and Vermont thanks to the internet. The first three times I ran a set painting and building workshop which I loved doing. I've enjoyed being an occasional guest scenic artist.

The second production of my play “Four Days After Titanic” was produced in Plymouth England in July 2007. One of my plays was produced near Cape Town, South Africa. "Four Days After Titanic" was produced in South Dakota. Last fall my show “Olympus House” was produced in Massachusetts. (With spoken verse instead of music and singing.) My plays are all mainstream and commercial with funny and sad moments. (Plenty of people have been caught laughing and crying at my shows.)
However, these scripts also have strong social messages about sharing and caring, making the world a better place by helping people and taking responsibly for yourself.

AA American River College, advertising and art.
BA San Jose State University, advertising, drama minor.

Over 20 years of freelance artwork experience, originally commercial art and graphics. These days most of my work has been murals, faux finishes, portraits and landscapes.

Since 1981 occasional work in the local video business. Painting backdrops, building props as well as some writing and producing of commercials, industrial videos and local TV shows. Limited work as an actor.

Freelance scenic artist and set designer/builder for several community theater productions including operas. I painted the canvas backdrops for a production of "Annie" in Warren Vermont and designed the sets for a production of "Harvey" in Eustis, Florida.

In 1986 I began living in guesthouses and working at two estates along the American River as a handyman/gardener/housesitter/petsitter. Sometimes it's hard work, but there are no living expenses and lots of swimming, tennis and canoeing/kayaking.

As a live-in handyman I was forced to learn landscaping and remodeling. I'm a fair carpenter, and I've tackled a few elaborate tile and brick laying jobs.

To get my plays produced at more theaters around the country no matter how small the venue.


Email paul@paulsrobots.com or call (916) 487-0334