All six of my plays have had at least one successful production at a community theater or school. (Fourteen productions total.)

My children's show "Olympus House" was produced in Carthage, Missouri. My children's play "The Magic Book" has been produced in four states. The second production of my play "Four Days After Titanic" was produced in Plymouth England. "Olympus House" was first revived at a middle school in Mendon Massachusetts.

I would be delighted if you'd like to produce one of my plays. I don't charge royalties for my shows. I make my living painting and building steampunk sculptures, playwriting is a labor of love. I'd be happy to customize the script for your venue and maybe help you with the set.

"Four Days After Titanic" received the highest award at the South Dakota State One-Act Play Festival. My environmental message comedy "The Trouble with Earthlings" was produced in South Africa.

"The Magic Book" has been produced in California, Florida, Vermont and Missouri. For three of those shows I ran a set painting workshop for parents and kids. During an Easter break I flew from California to Florida to lead an army of kids in the painting and building of the set. To enlarge the illustration of us working, click on it.

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