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(Photos of both productions below)

Titanic foundered on a Monday morning, the rescue ship arrived in New York that Thursday evening to a crowd of 40,000.

A colorful trust-busting senator (and former street performer) was given all the power and resources to launch an immediate investigation. He even boarded the rescue ship and served subpoenas to keep key people from slipping away.

The very next morning Friday April 19, 1912, survivors testified. (The senate inquiry lasted 17 days. The final report was issued May 28.) The disaster hearings began in New York's Waldorf-Astoria conference room. A lot of the dialogue is from the actual transcripts.

There were also reports of lots of the witnesses gossiping and talking to reporters in the corridors. Some of the action takes place in flashback scenes during the night to remember.

Photos of the 2003 production directed by Deneise Wipf:

Photos of the 2007 production in the UK, directed by Nigel Croft:

I made this paper model from a kit, writing the play took less time: