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"I've known Paul since 1986. He was the only one we could trust to live at, and take care of our house."

- Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Setzer, landlord

"My son loved the fire engine mural his 'Uncle Paul' painted for him."

-Physician Dr. Gary Carson, friend since 1967

"The mural he painted in my dental office was great. It helped to calm the nervous patients." - Dentist Dr. Pete Scordakis, friend since '69

Paul did landscape mural for me. I recently had him paint my kids playing inside the landscape. I liked it so much, I let him turn my shed into a paint studio. - Jim Bain, former C.F.O Tower Records, another grade school friend from the 1960s.

"Our son had the time of his life being in "The Magic Book." Paul has the natural ability to explain things to kids in fun, easy to understand ways. I've told him he should have become a teacher.

- Dr. Dina Wasileski, friend since 1987

"When we traveled, Paul watched our house for us for 12 years."

- Surgeon Dr. Bill Linnane & Mrs. Ruth Linnane, Former neighbors

"He was and charming! He made himself easily accessible to students of all ages and taught techniques that even some of our adult staff were thrilled to learn."

- Sarah J Harrop, Stellenbosch South Africa

"My school thoroughly enjoyed performing "Olympus House.” Through email Paul gave me suggestions and allowed us to make changes to fit the needs of our middle school group of students in grades 4-7. He even allowed us to perform it as a play and not a musical. There were so many wonderful parts for our cast of over 70 students and it was very well received by families and friends."

- Deborah Carpenter, head children's theater director, Eustis, Florida.

"One of the most dedicated and delightful people I've met in the business. Paul came across the country to share his expertise with my students and me. He came a stranger, and left a friend. We look forward to having him back."

- Sylvia Vicchiullo Bay Street Players, Eustis Florida

"Four Days After Titanic" received a superior rating (the highest award) at the South Dakota State One-Act Play Festival! ...Thanks again for the great voyage! It has been probably the biggest highlight in my professional career.

-Deneise Wipf, teacher, James Valley Christian School, Huron South Dakota.

"We hired our neighbor, Paul, to keep an eye on our house while it was being built. It turns out he's an excellent faux artist who perfectly matched several surfaces for us to look like marble, wood and grass weave."

- Jim and Joyce Teal, (Raley's.)

"Paul did an absolutely fabulous job painting backdrops for our production of "Annie." His play "The Magic Book" was a sell out hit.

- Ruth Ann Pattee, Valley Players, Waitsfield, Vermont

"Paul is an excellent playwright and artist."

- Kathleen Sizemore, creative director La Picola Scola Theatre.

"Paul is an extremely intelligent, talented and dedicated man."

- U.O.P. Professor Dr. Sue Estridge


"The Trouble with Earthlings" was a success! Thank-you! Everyone enjoyed it and were laughing throughout the play. Thank-you very much for your play, it was a lot of fun to produce."

-Kirsten Raymond, Mendon, Massachusetts

"We’ve had a fantastic time with this show "Four Days After Titanic." The kids have so enjoyed all of it. Cheers, and a huge thanks Paul. I’m honoured to have been given the opportunity to direct your play."

-Nigel Croft, Plymouth England

"Because of Paul's play The Magic Book, children in the school are now checking out classic literature! Books that haven't been checked out in our library in years are now flying off the shelf at record pace. As an educator, I'm thrilled to see the kiddos actually asking to read the old classics like Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer, and even Wizard of Oz. The play was wonderfully written. The humor helped disguise the fact the children were actually learning…I appreciate such a fun story that motivated our children to want to learn more. Thank you, Mr. Stewart!!"

- Angel Ambrosius, Fairview Elementary School Carthage, Missouri .

"You might fool Jack Ingram, but you can't fool me!"

- Younger brother (who's a partner in the biggest law firm in town)



"Stewart is an excellent writer with a fine ear for contemporary speech."

- Sacramento Bee critic Robert Masullo.

"A highly imaginative local author...Many very funny lines...also bits of genius that could be expanded." - Bill Maden, Suttertown News

Well, Written, it captures contemporary speech beautifully.

- Encore supplement

"Stewart has created an in-yer-face Eco scenario in his undeniable work."

- Steven Vanderville, Sarta Theatreletter.

"Stewart has written a great play that is funny and easy to understand, not to mention downright educational without being preachy."

- Brent Hamilton, freelance and Western Film festival critic


Sue Estridge, PhD. University Professor at University of the Pacific.

Cathleen Sizemore, Artistic Director of Voice Fitness Institute.





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