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Hour long children's play with a few songs, large or small cast: The theme is to encourage kids to use their imaginations, to read more and watch TV less.

Set an in old attic full of books that transforms into a magic library with six foot tall books that characters walk in and out of.

The fourth production was March 2008 in Carthage, Missouri. The show has also been produced in California, Florida and Vermont.

The show could be produced with as few as nine actors or dozens more. The characters are based on very familiar names in classic literature. Unlimited costume possibilities.


(Note: Putting these scripts on-line alters the format a little. If you wish, I can e-mail you a version where text layout is better.)


A full length version of was produced in Plymouth England in July 2007. (If the Titanic had made it back to England, Plymouth would have been the first stop.) First produced at James Valley School in Huron, South Dakota

The show received the highest award at the South Dakota State One-Act Play Festival.

The play takes place during the senate subcommittee hearings investigating the sinking. Production photos are on-line.



Full length four character drama: (two males, two females)

When four co-workers are stuck overnight in an isolated cabin, the truth comes out. Sexual harassment is one of the themes of the show. It is all about what happens when you get stuck and have to tell the truth and look at your life.

I produced the show in addition to being stage manager, set designer and painter.

Excerpt of Sacramento Bee review:

"Engrossing...thought provoking...Stewart is an excellent writer with a fine ear for contemporary speech...The rewards of the work and production are numerous."


Full length children's musical, large cast: The original show had 43 kids.

Was produced for the third time March 2009 in Carthage, Missouri. The show was first revived November 2006 at a middle school in Mendon Massachusetts. The cast had 75 kids!

Theme of the play is to share and always have hope and inspiration. Produced by The University of the Pacific. I wrote the book and lyrics.

As a punishment the nine daughters of King Zeus are given a mission to help us mortals. The show received seven standing ovations and three Elly nominations, (an Elly is a local Tony) including the only original work nominated for Best Children's Play of the year.

A CD was been released containing four of the songs. Cast of 43 kids.


Hour long comedy, eight character ensemble (plus a jury.)

Produced March 2002, literally half way around the world in Stellenbosch, South Africa near Cape Town. (Still waiting for photos.)

Campy courtroom comedy with an environmental message. (A jury of six or so that also serves as the chorus is not mandatory.) I produced and created the futuristic set.

A sure-fire audience pleaser!

The world is destroyed because of human error. A far advanced planet acting as "the Coast Guard of outer space," rescue several Earthlings and put them on trial for "ruining a perfectly good planet."

The trial takes place on the third moon of planet Airnotopia, the moon is the Ellis island of outer space. The Earthlings need no introduction as Airnotopians have been pirating broadcasts of American television for years.

Although the scene is supposed to be of a formal courtroom, the format of the show resembles an often out of control daytime talk show. Lots of audience reaction and some interaction involved.

Although it's a comedy there are serious moments about personal responsibility. There is no judge because we must all be our own judge.

Suttertown News: "Many very funny lines...also, bits of genius that could be expanded." Sarta Theatreletter: "Stewart has created an in-yer-face Eco scenario in his undeniable work." Produced in Sacramento twice. The last nights were standing room only.


Full length family drama/comedy. 10 character ensemble.

My first play, produced by me in 1987 at the Old Eagle Theater in Sacramento, (the oldest theater west of the Mississippi.)

It has become a period piece taking place the year it was written in 1982, when I was just out of college.

The conflicts of a whimsical and eccentric family going through major life changes.

A play full of monologues and stories. "You have to hang on to your dreams, but let go of certain things and learn that no feeling last a year or a day but only a moment."

The father, a middle aged English teacher realizes he'll never be a novelist and is distant to his wife. She has become successful (working at a booming new video game company in the Silicon Valley) and wants out but is bound by old fashion values.

The fatherís 89 year old live-in father, wrote a series of pulp western novels in the 1940s and was published with little effort.

The 20s younger nerd-like brother realizes he'll never become a doctor and begins to rebel against his older brother who's always been a lucky winner and a bully with a trophy wife.

There was also a fully staged reading in Sacramento in 1997.


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