I know, hardly anyone reads books anymore, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

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The discovery of a 100-year houseguest who won’t leave.

A passionate love story and murder mystery thriller which alternates between present day and 1912 -15. 1912: A dashing ex-athlete fresh out of Yale Law School falls for a beautiful writer who lives in a sleepy New England fishing village rumored to be a heaven for ghosts.

Since its founding in the 1600s Stone Point, Connecticut has been a close-knit town that thrives on gossip and old legends that blur history. The handsome young lawyer is the son of a publishing tycoon. He briefly moves to the waterfront family vacation cottage in Stone Point and becomes a secret partner in a pulp publishing enterprise.

In 1915 the beautiful writer “accidently” dies after the publication of two popular and risqué pulp adventure novels featuring a promiscuous crime fighting suffragette. Because of the racy content, the books were produced under a veil of secrecy. When the highly anticipated third novel was never released, the books and the mystery surrounding their origin are slowly forgotten, until…

A century later Travis Wellington and his wife Dolly take up fulltime residence in the charming stone vacation cottage he inherited. After over 300 years the picturesque town is still rumored to have remained so untouched by outsiders because of the fear of ghosts - real or imagined. It often seems the town’s civic problems have been solved by using ghosts as scapegoats.

Travis was told little of his family’s past; he knew his ancestor was once a millionaire who had been born into poverty in Stone Point. Travis grew up hearing all the village ghost stories, but he and his wife have never believed in ghosts.

The modern day Wellingtons were unaware that 100 years earlier the prettiest girl in town with the worst reputation also had the most gifted mind and created a mini-phenomenon with the publication of the two books featuring a globe-trotting, bed-hopping female Robin Hood who marched in women’s rights rallies before World War 1.

When the ghost writer finally reveals herself, she asks Dolly Wellington if she could please dictate her final novel to her. As the lost novel is self-published, old family secrets come to light and evidence of a complex murder cover-up is revealed. The journey involves town secrets and information unknowingly held by the descendants of those who knew the sexy writer who stirred up trouble in life and continues to do so in death.